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[2800] maryboss [北海道] 2016/07/29(Fri) 03:20
ж‡ Rory d'ya reckon we could make it down and back in a day? Isn't it about 4 hours drive? each way? I'd be up for it if you are but it'd probably be just you and me to split the fuel?...and I'll have to re-arrange a meeting on Wednesday, which shouldn't be a problem?.... Cheers
I know of two paddlers who are able to flatwheel an Inazone 230; one is fairly light and exceptionally good, the other is much heavier but still very good. Why is Wales so popular? Good question - as Anne Robinson.
г Hope this is of some help. Rob
Robert Water?....What bloody Water!
I wear contact lenses, and have never had a problem paddling, I've never lost them boating, that includes rivers, surf and playboating. I'll agree to do on sight survey's of Highcliffe if Mark agree's to cover Kimmeridge (without cheating and using the Bournemouth web cam).
Edited by: Carol Haynes at: 1/12/02 2:00:09 am ж°
The rain is falling in South Wales at the moment and the prospects for the weekend are looking good again!!! Its good to finally get out on some good rivers again but here is hopeing we don't lose anymore boats!!! yeah ive been there a few times but never plucked up the courage to go on anything exept the wave between the middle and bottom holes - I buried the front of the 'perception jib'(a squirt boat) and came extremely close to hitting a rafter in the face as I had to dodge between him and a boater in the bottom hole - I though "ide much rather knock a rafter out than knock a boater out of the hole"!!!!!!

Am I missing something here? but how does having level 2 coach prepare you to lead a group on grade 2/3 river trips?

[2799] B1iV3k9lclfzB [関東] 2016/07/29(Fri) 03:18

[2798] hxfsgjfet [北海道] 2016/07/29(Fri) 03:18
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[2793] lampa [北海道] 2016/07/29(Fri) 03:17
г е Will. ive got a dagger outlaw to sell cheap, almost brand new.
I went to see my MP (Dennis skinner) and he was alright...didn't bite.....even tried to give me for more effective directions to get to Wales!
г I was fairly new boy to it, but I think this site has replaced it...for me at least
Somehow Chelsea and Caving don't seem to go together (especially when you live in Wales :) ) ж‡ д‘
I can't speak for Mark - he's been mosteverywhere - but I must admit being a teacher does have advantages when it comes to paddling - or for that matter any daft pursuit that demands time and the will to travel. My sole motivation for becoming a teacher meant I got to have a few years at Bangor. Academic pursuits were a definite second when it came to the huge playground just down the road! I'm currently plotting my early retirement so I can go on the 'Old Farts' world tour. Can't wait!!

Also, it might be worth talking to Dronfield Baptist Church Canoe Club:

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