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[976] mvm1972 [北海道] 2016/07/24(Sun) 17:44
д But if everything is going where should a discerning white water afficionado be seen? Geuss it depends on the quality of white water and apres paddle tea shoppe equation. Q=W+t im shure thers better though
I know there are lots of Welsh rivers called Dulas (and Dulais) but this seems to be the same one you are describing. If so, looks like you're spared the guide writing. im short sighted and I wear a funny pair of sports glasses which do the job - but I still shut my eyes when I roll
ж° г thank-you for any help.
Mick I hope you do not view this e-mail as 'another moaning coach' but rather as a genuine request for help, and the highlighting of real difficulties in what seems like an impossible task - gaining assessor status levels. I have no difficulty in 'putting in the hours' to gain the relevant signatures but I do have difficulty in finding the opportunity to do so, which I see as being hindered by the current structure"
Cheers Mick
Sunday saw us up at Garrigill and higher up a bit of exploration on the Upper South Tyne gorges. Significant Tree hazard and one drop at the start of the second gorge renedered unrunnable by a large fir tree. The Ashgill beck was also running but we didn't have time to explore up there properly. We picked up the rest of the gang at Garrigill and paddled down to Alston. The river was dropping fast and had droppped 1ft whilst we were running the section upstream. A good level indicator for the gorges is the ford just upstream of garrigill. This was paddleable. The mini gorges are very dingly-dell but not technical, never more than a 3. г д
chris, By the way, can I suggest one addition to Sladden's book if ever a new addition is to be printed - an overall map in the first few pages? i.e. a complete map of Wales maybe with the major rivers or areas marked? just as a quick reference to those not familiar with Wales. When I start looking at rivers in Mid/South Wales I find it difficult to put them into relation to the areas I already know...maybe a map would help, nothing too detailed, similar to the ones in climbing guides?

South Wales rivers in flood - many roads closed - failed to reach the Usk get-in from Abergavenny this morning - road closed at many places - checked out the Grwyne - higher than I've ever seen it - at 2 on the upper gauge. Thought about paddling it, took some interesting photos and chickened out and went home for a bacon butty! (Send you the photos later Mark)

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