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ClipBoy Sample
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Ashland skiers can head in two directions to reach trails within 20 miles of town. South of town, the Grouse Gap area on Mount Ashland has better snow and southern views. East of town, the Buck Prairie loops are more protected from wind and blowing snow. When the valley is blanketed with low clouds, these ungroomed loops near the summit of Dead Indian Memorial Highway are often above the clouds and under clear skies. The trails include easy road tours and a couple of intermediate trails through the trees. Track Quality: Fair classic skiing, no skatingThe gentle rise, and wonderful views, on this very popular tour make it ideal for novice skiers or snowshoers. The Peru Creek Road ascends gradually, surrounded by high peaks, into Horseshoe Basin. A spur of this old wagon road then crosses Argentine Pass, one of the highest crossings of the Continental Divide in the Rockies. Along the way, remnants of old mines dot the landscape. Today, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail follows a portion of this historic route. The gentle Peru Creek Road makes a great, easy ski or snowshoe tour, ideal for novices. A very popular trip for Front Range enthusiasts, the parking area fills up quickly on most winter weekends. Higher up on the route, the valley is fairly open, affording wonderful vistas; but the road can also be wind blown and crusty at times. The snow conditions usually deteriorate quickly along the road in early spring.
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